Autumn & Winter Services

During the winter months, moss and dead leaves can leave your patio, deck or driveway slippery and hazardous to walk on. Our pressure washing service is available as a year round service. Even when it’s cold outside we are happy to come by and clean away moss growth and dead leaves. We will leave your patio, path, 

AutWin2decking or driveway clean and safe, and looking as good as new, we will also take
away all the rubbish too.

At the height of the fall season, leaf piles on the roads can reduce the width of the road by half causing a serious safety issue. Plus, when left in piles in your garden they can damage the lawn. AutWin5We can gather and dispose of the lives or we can mulch
them and re-use them for your compost pile, flower beds or borders.

Also, this can be a good time to paint fences and sheds to protect them from the harsh weather.